New Kiln, New Back, New Business!

This summer has been exciting in many aspects! My initial plan for the summer was to make pottery and work at a farmer's market in Richmond, Virginia... Possibly lifeguard on the side. I signed up for the Forest Hill Farmer's Market and was able to sell my pottery one Saturday in May, with the new business name: Jaimie Ware. Then, in an unexpected turn of events I relocated to my parents house in Stamford, Connecticut to have and recover from an L4-S1 spinal fusion (lower back surgery). Dr. Rosenstein was a highly recommended surgeon, everything went smoothly, and I've been recovering very nicely.

As I needed to stay in Stamford for a while, my family helped me establish a pottery studio in the basement. The first step was to buy a high-fire kiln! My mother already had a small cone 05 electric kiln, but expansion was necessary. We found an L&L cone 10 electric kiln on craigslist for only $500! The hour and a half drive was definitely worth it.

The first thing I began working on were some cone 6 porcelain pendants, cups and bowls. The cups and bowls were all thrown and then carved or altered. I found it was more cost effective to bisque fire in the smaller kiln, and stack everything.

The first bisque work of the summer:
"Hug" Necklace Pendants
Textured Cups
 Sets of Cups and Bowls

The next step would be to find glazes that I could easily use with my electric kiln!