In Progress Work From the Studio (That is Also My Bedroom)

In an effort to blog more regularly, I thought I'd share some of what I am currently working on. This week at St. Catherine's, the girls have something called X-Term, and I get a week plus spring break to make pottery! I will also be attending the NAEA conference in New York City to present about research in art education with Erin and Lenora, but until then, I am trying to stay focused on clay.

After I put up the art show at Lift, I have been working on making more of the plates that I really liked. I have also gotten excited about making porcelain jewelry! These are some porcelain pieces that are in the leather hard and bone dry phases (unfired clay):

Serving dishes, jewelry, cup, and bud vase

Small dish, big texture

Little Hug Knot Dangle Earrings! 
(These were inspired by the Hug Knot Necklaces on my Esty site:

I am also constantly networking on Etsy to try to get noticed and have more sales. What I have learned so far is that you need to really get involved with the Etsy community in order to become a consistent seller. Teams are a great way to learn about other businesses... but also a great way to lose track of your entire day. Guilty!