Woohoo! I'm BACK!

After a long hiatus from blogging, I am back with many exciting advances in Jaimie Ware! The first and biggest change is my new studio location. Joe and I moved to a sweet little town house in the West End and have busily been working on creating a studio space that will be used for creating and glazing ceramics. (It also doubles as a guest bedroom! And maybe a photo studio!)

(Awesome studio space with intense overhead lighting, shelves, bulletin board, 
white board, elevated TV, and super Brent Potter's Wheel!)

It was definitely a challenge getting the right lights for a room with no overhead lighting, but these work lights are enough to keep me awake and focused!

My first throwing session was this weekend and I am excited to share one of the first pieces I've made in my new space. I have been pushing myself to throw larger:

(Vase from my most recent wheel throwing session)

I think my large vases are still a little heavy, but some of the carving texture I do later on will help thin them out.

Another change is that I have started helping out a few hours a week as a studio intern at the Visual Arts Center, to learn more about maintaining a studio and its equipment, and to spend time with all those awesome people. I threw a little at VisArt this week, and it's very inspiring to be in a setting with lots of other clay artists. The creative juices are flowing even more now. 

Something that hasn't changed is that Joe and I are continuing to sell pottery at the South of the James Farmer's Market every other weekend until November 24. That means we will be there this weekend, October 13 from 8am-12pm, and you should stop and say hi!

And last, because it is October and I can't keep this to myself, I will share this photo of my cat as a hotdog. Happy Autumn! 

(Poor Dexter hotdog!)