New Year, New Inspiration

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what direction I want my work to move in this year, and I think I would like to again consider the figure and explore it as a form of narrative. I started looking through the book "The Figure in Clay: Contemporary Sculpting Techniques by Master Artists" and discovered a great resource for different building techniques and unique conceptual clay sculptures:

I am particularly interested in three artist: Arthur Gonzalez, Akio Takamori, and Adrian Arleo.

Arthur Gonzalez combines ceramics and found found objects to create mysterious figures that bring up personal concerns and world issues.

Akio Takamori creates porcelain sculptures inspired by his Japanese heritage.

Adrian Arleo's sculptures often blends together human and animal characteristics. I specifically love the textured surfaces that she adds to her figures:

As I move forward, I am thinking about how to create art that is meaningful and important to me, and what human or personal concerns I might express through my work.