Holidays Arrive with a Flash!

All I really have to say at the moment is that I can hardly make pottery fast enough for the venues where I have been selling (Carytown Artisan Market, Glave Kocen Gallery Holiday Market, South of the James Farmer's Market, Etsy). I am constantly busy! This past year with Jaimie Ware has been a great success and keeps picking up, but sometimes I have to remind myself that I am only just starting out, and that hopefully business will continue to expand. I hope to get better at balancing my time for creating, teaching, selling, marketing, and exploring new ideas.

Again I have to say that teaching art can definitely work nicely with being an artist. When I am crunched for time, my students can still inspire me to try new things. Somehow during this hectic schedule I decided to also work with sculpture and started a three-dimensional portrait... I'm rediscovering how much I love the human form. So much can be said from an expression, or a pose.